Augmented Reality Takes Over

Updated: Jan 15

More than ever before, we live in a technological age. Technology often advances faster than the average person learns how to use it. Today, augmented reality and virtual reality are attracting a great amount of attention.

Augmented reality has enhanced possibilities in many fields over the past several years. The medicine and healthcare fields have been utilizing this new technology, which allows objects and information to appear in the physical world through a phone camera lens. Surgical planning could be enhanced with augmented reality, as well as using it to educate patients about their surgeries beforehand. This allows for surgeons to be more prepared before operating and patients to feel more secure about their procedures. Another field that has incorporated this technology is content marketing. An example of this is the app that IKEA created to allow customers to see items in their homes through augmented reality. This allows buyers to assess how an item will fit into their home before physically purchasing it. Augmented reality has also made its way into the entertainment field and is becoming extremely popular. Pokemon GO developed Niantic has just released plans for its fourth AR game titled Catan: World Explorers. Niantic is paving the way for a future that allows total immersion into the games that we know and love.

AR is not just dominating the major industries, such as medicine and entertainment. Simple aspects of life are now being integrated with this technology. An augmented reality app is creating free AR fireworks that can be viewed anywhere this Fourth of July. Google just implemented a feature that allows anyone to view an actual-sized dinosaur in any location by simply googling “dinosaur”. On a more serious note, the army is developing new equipment that utilizes AR technology to assist soldiers in battle. They are currently in the process of testing new goggles that could provide soldiers with technical aids that would improve their vision and increase their chances of survival. Augmented reality technology isn’t just fun and games — it truly has the potential to save lives!

Finally, augmented reality is transforming the art world. In the past, art has always lagged behind technology and has been confined to physical experiences. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the art world has no choice but to advance and think outside of the box. Various platforms are now making it possible to see artworks in one’s home through the augmented reality lens before purchasing, similar to the feature that IKEA implemented with furniture. Art is becoming more accessible through this feature and requiring less work on the part of the cosumer. Art itself is also being transformed using AR technology. AR artists are creating paintings that come alive in 3D using a phone camera lens. This is not only a very interesting art medium, but also a way to engage a younger demographic that grew up with technology and spends a large portion of time using their phones. People who prefer more traditional forms of art can view paintings in virtual galleries that transport them mentally in a time when they cannot physically go to a museum. For art lovers who prefer to experience art outside of galleries and museums, this is the perfect opportunity to engage with modern artworks. Millennials are now able to combine their love of social media with their artistic, creative and innovative ideas!

Overall, augmented reality has the ability to enhance almost every aspect of life and is developing rapidly. AR is engaging and keeps consumers coming back for more. We live in an age when leaving your cell phone at home is no different than forgetting to put shoes on before leaving the house. Whether this is good or bad, we are attached to technology. Augmented reality capitalizes on this and integrates technology further into the natural world. In ten years, AR technology could be as widespread as having an IPhone or using Wifi in your home.

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