Art Galleries - The New Normal

Updated: Jan 15

When you attend an art gallery, you are immersed in art. You may be exposed to art that you have never seen before. Your eyes dart to a painting that draws you in (no pun intended). You can walk up to it and see the brush strokes on the canvas. Attending art galleries is an experience. It is exciting to fall in love with a new piece of art.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has made this experience a thing of the recent past. Remember strolling on a nice night from one gallery to another? Art enthusiasts are trapped at home, and galleries have been forced to close their doors. The world is beginning to open up again. But, because galleries are often intimate spaces, the art gallery experience may never be the same again.

Art galleries are confronting this issue in a multitude of ways. In Cache Valley, USA, two outdoor galleries have opened. This allows patrons of the arts to experience viewing and buying art in person, while hopefully limiting the potential exposure to Covid-19 that small, indoor spaces breed.

For those who are not comfortable being anywhere but in the safety of their homes (me!) there are still plenty of ways to view and enjoy art. Field Gallery, a gallery in West Tisbury, Massachusetts, allows for a 3D viewing of the gallery from their website. Visitors can experience the gallery online, zooming in on works of art and even reading their descriptions. Some galleries are becoming even more interactive. For example, Negative Space, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is offering virtual art classes to local students.

Art can evoke emotions, it can provide comfort, it can teach important lessons. While galleries are facing obstacles in the wake of the pandemic, they are committed to continuing our access to art, which is extremely valuable in these trying times.

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