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scorpion dagger


(James Kerr) These GIFs are digital collages made mostly from northern and early renaissance paintings.


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Anne Horel 


Social Media Artist, Digital Shaman, Polymorphic Collage, Video and GIF maker, Web Explorer, Contemporary Mythology Observer, Iconographic Sampler, Performer, Singer, Tarot de Marseille and Oracle de Belline Reader, Aromatherapist & Plant Based in Paris, France.


Born in 1984, Anne was weaned on television, video games, and the birth of the Internet. She is marked by the seal of channel-surfing culture, symptomatic of the generation that came of age in the apocalyptic wake of the Y2K bug scare.


A Graduate with Honors from the National Superior Art School of Paris Cergy in 2011, her work has been shown in La Gaîté Lyrique, The EYE Museum, Galerie W, and Le Bel Ordinaire.

Spanning art, social media, and academic study, she is a featured Artist on Giphy, where her GIFs have over 500 Million views.


Her work on Web 2.0 culture has been featured on the French TV show L'Œil de Linksand and on Radiomarais, Oh Browser, where she hosted a show focusing on people of the internet.

Anne has worked with companies such as MTV, Disney (Maker), Ubisoft, Guerlain, Red Bull, and Martini, and joined Partizan as a Director in 2015, making Music Videos, Documentaries, Animations, and Branded Content for Social Media.


In 2017 she reached 220k Followers on Vine before it shut down.


In the same year, she was one of the Audi Talents Art Program Laureates. Her project was exposed in June 2018 at Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris and La Friche Belle de Mai - Marseille - in September 2018.

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Hangable will provide each buyer with an exclusive Snapchat filter created by Anne Horel.

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