Display Exhibits in AR

What makes Hangable different is that our technology lets the user superimpose the exhibit/show virtually in their home and visualize the art in real dimensions. With our technology, viewers are able to see the art on their walls in real dimensions. Users even have the ability to try on a variety of frames and lighting scenarios in-app.

We Import Your Current Exhibits

After your artwork has been uploaded onto our platform, our team will use our proprietary technology to import your uploaded art into augmented reality. This process allows your art to be given exposure to buyers from around the world, giving new life to previously undiscovered art. 

Complimentary Training

Although our uploading and selling process is as simple as can be, our team offers one-on-one complimentary training to ensure all sellers are adequately informed and taught how to use our application in depth. 

Ability to Charge Visitors

Want to charge visitors for visiting your exhibit? Hangable members have the ability to set different monetization structures for their exhibits. Want to run ads? We can do that! Want to run a flat cover charge? We can do that too! 

Viewers Can Purchase Art Easily

Hangable has worked hard to integrate seamless payment option integrations. Buyers are able to view a painting in augmented reality with X frame in Y size, and they are able to purchase that configuration in-app using a credit card or Apple Pay.


Upload New Art

With Your iPhone

Uploading the art into augmented reality is a simple and easy process - so easy and nontechnical we call it grandparent-proof! All you need in order to upload new pieces into Hangable is an iPhone and an internet connection.

Enable POD Prints of Art

Hangable allows its members to enable individual pieces to be purchased as prints. We handle everything from printing to fulfillment - all you have to do is upload the art, create a description, set a price for each print, and import! 

Premium Customer Service

At Hangable Technologies we hold one goal above all others: 100% client satisfaction. Our in-house team of app designers, copywriters, UI/UX designers, and developers uphold the highest standards for project planning and execution and are dedicated to meeting your needs.
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