Experience Tailored to Your Preferences

Upon registration you will receive the option to complete a welcome quiz. This quiz will provide us with your art taste and preferences, which will be saved and used to create an easier browsing experience for you.
Our personal assistant feature will filter your search based on the art you like and make your shopping experience quick and simple.

Direct Communication with Sellers

Hangable has implemented chat features on the app that allow for simple and direct communication with the artists that you buy works from.
The ability for buyers and sellers to communicate directly makes the buying process quicker, easier, and more transparent. 

Secure Checkout with Apple Pay

Hangable has worked hard to integrate seamless payment option integrations. Buyers are able to view a painting in augmented reality with X frame in Y size, and they are able to purchase that configuration in-app using a credit card or Apple Pay. Hangable has also integrated AES-256 encryption, an industry-grade encryption, to ensure that all parties' data are safe. 

Experience Galleries in Augmented Reality

Our multi-functional platform allows consumers to view and purchase art from around the world from the comfort of their own homes.


These virtual exhibits enable a more personal and hands-on feel compared to alternative technologies. App users can feel immersed in the exhibit without physically having to travel to them.

Securely Make Offers

Direct communication between buyers and sellers allows buyers to negotiate prices with artists without the inconvenience of a third party.
The hangable team is always available to settle disputes but discussions regarding prices can remain between buyers and sellers.

Access to Virtual Collection

Upon purchasing art from our app, buyers are given access to their own personal augmented reality collection.
In this virtual gallery, buyers are able to see all of the pieces in their personal collection hanging on the walls.

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