Sell/Display Art in AR: 
What makes Hangable different is that our technology lets the user superimpose the displayed artwork virtually in their home and visualize the art in real dimensions. With our technology, artists simply upload their art and connect with buyers who have viewed the art in real dimensions.

Ability To Reach

A New Audience

Our app allows artists to reach a wide network of buyers because access to the app is free and accessible to anyone with an iPhone. Art is made more accessible through Hangable and allows art to be seen by more potential buyers.

Enable POD Prints of Art

Hangable allows its members to enable individual pieces to be purchased as prints. We handle everything from printing to fulfillment - all you have to do is upload the art, create a description, set a price for each print, and import! 

Buyers View Your Art in AR

Hangable's advanced technology allows buyers to browse art on the app and view works in their homes. Through augmented reality technology buyers are able to see if your art fits their home, which makes the buying and selling process easier.

Upload Art with Your iPhone

Uploading the art into augmented reality is a simple and easy process - so easy and nontechnical we call it grandparent-proof! All you need in order to upload new pieces into Hangable is an iPhone and an internet connection.

Complimentary Training

Although our uploading and selling process is as simple as can be, our team offers one-on-one complimentary training to ensure all sellers are adequately informed and taught how to use our application in depth. 
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